"With all the flashy high end barbq venues in town, this posh, pretty Mayfair mughlai place shines with authentic tandoori dishes juxtaposing more modern, inventive takes on pakistan cuisine, all intricately layered with wonderful flavours; service is brilliant (maybe even over solicitous)"

Zeenat, 2017

"Superb” desi cuisine wins continued acclaim for this “civilised” Mughal theme; while the decor strikes most reporters as “seductive"

Ismail, 2017

"Lal Qila deserves the widest recognition. A lot of people take Pakistani/Indian food for granted but this man is always pushing the boundaries, seeking out new spices and combinations."

Gordon Ramsey, Dubizzle Review

"Deservedly popular for over a decade, Highly helpful waiters will guide you through the wonderfully spiced, simultaneously earthy and ephemeral dal dishes"

Pervaiz, 2017

Pakistani ‘refined’ dishes – ‘cooked perfectly and presented immaculately - still win rave reviews for this ‘stylish’ (UAE's original 'haute Pakistan')

Ibrahim 2017

"Dignified and tradition, this elegant restaurant is synonymous with quality cooking, superlative service and a choice selection of desserts"